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Waaayy Behind

So I feel like I'm way behind on everyone's journals, including my own.  I'll try to post some quick updates and do a better job this week.

She's doing well, repeating tons of words.  Our biggest struggles have been medicating her (antibiotics for urinary reflux).  She totally refuses the our usual methods, mostly do to independence and attitude, not taste (she always loved it before).  I guess it's just the age.  So we switched to a liquid formula which was super hard to find.  That was a glaring failure.  She spit it all over the place and over us too.  So then we tried dissolving her med in juice and giving her a straw (two things she never gets).  This worked great for 3 nights.  Now, we're dissolving the med in her sippy of milk.  We originally tried chocolate milk, but discovered she doesn't like that.  Who would have thought?  Anyway, sorry to bore, but it's become a huge issue.  She always took meds so well until recently; I think it's the independence.  The other night, she had a mild fever and we had the hardest time even getting Tylenol in her.  I hate that it's gotten so hard.

Same old stuff.  I am on a new rotation which is supposed to be better, but my boss is a total PITA.  The past few days, I have been there 12+ hrs even when I am not on call.  That is just ridiculous.  I'm hoping things will settle down this week.

So DH briefly mentioned to me that we should increase his 401k contributions since his firms matches 2:1.  Apparently, this translates into "okay, I set up additional $800 a month withdraw."  Hmm, somehow I didn't automatically make that connection.  So money is tight this month b/c I didn't know this was coming.  Err.  Also did our taxes this weekend.  I am so pi$$ed!!  DH got a raise and ended up making $12,00 a year more, but our taxes went up $4000.  And we paid all this interest on student loan stuff (about $4000) and only got to claim $700.  So we're getting less back than last year.  I just don't think it's fair that I don't get claim all the interest and stuff I actually paid.  I'm going to compare 2005 to 2006 and make sure I covered all our deductions.  My sister is a CPA, and boy, will I rale some complaints on her today!

I have a doctor's appt myself on Monday, and then Ava has a dental cleaning on March 1st.  She still doesn't like teeth brushing so I wish that poor pediatric dentist the best.
So Tuesday,  I went shopping for Ava post-call at Old Navy and Target.  At Target, I stocked up on 24 mos shorts and 2T tops (wow!).  The 2T are the same size as the 24 mos without being a onesie.  The daycare had requested fewer onesies as they work on potty training plus DH thought that a onesie would be hotter in the summer than a regular top.

So I thought I'd post a few samples of Ava's spring clothing loot.  It's amazing how much stuff is not pictured online.  I got a really cute light-weight linen dress on sale at ON and wasn't able to fnd a photo.

Cute brown shirt in a soft material

3/4 length shirt similar to this one in a coordinating brown and pink stripe with the skirt

Polo dress

Nice summer church dress

Cute Valentine's shirt

Kakhi Capri Pants

Looks very cute with denim shorts or jeans.

Cute top with the capris.

We went to NC this past weekend to visit my parents.  A did pretty well in the car there and very well coming home.  Of course, she had a great time with my parents and sister, soaking up all the undivided attention.  Took at 3.5 hr nap on Saturday and was in great spirits all day.  My dad is constantly working on "Grandpa" which she isn't even close to saying.  DH had a great time with "the guys" on Saturday and is already talking about another trip in a couple of weeks.  It's just hard if you don't have a long weekend to split up the driving.

We stopped at Target en route home and got A some new shoes.  The shoe saga was that she measured a 7 in Stride Rite so I bought some of those (which seemed to fit) and then ordered some other shoes from Target.com in 7s.  Waaayyy to big.  Our old Target in Birmingham has bad selection so we stopped and got her some shoes in 6/6.5.  I'll just keep the others till she grows into them.  Target had some cute shorts and tees at good prices.  I should probably get a good assortment while the selection's still good.  At the rate daycare is staining her clothes, I don't want to invest much.

I'm going back to the dentist for a small cavity filling today, and I need to run A by the ped for the Hib vaccine she kept missing.  Otherwise, I plan to rest post-call.

Feeling like a dog

So Sunday, I started to have a terrible sore throat and things just got worse yesterday.  I seriously debated calling in sick, but managed to drag through the day.  I left as soon as I got done at 3 and had shakes, chills, fever to 101.6 and felt totally miserable by the time I got home.  Yup, I think it's the flu.... This would be the only time I've ever had it.  So I'm home today, feeling like a piece of trash that is repetitively run over by the subway.  I sucked up the $50 copay and got some Tamiflu which is supposed to limit the duration, but that does nothing for me now.  I can't recall when I've ever felt this bad (thankfully, I guess).

Ava and The Coat

Just so you all could have a laugh...

At first, loving the coat...

Then hating the coat.....

And finally coming to terms with the coat...

Random Ramblings

Today in Review...

Nothing too exciting.  Today was my day off for the week.  Of course, Ava did not sleep in at all.  Bummer.  She has actually not been sleeping well at night which is so unlike her.  We are chalking it up to the change to toddler room at daycare or maybe more molars.  Don't really know.  She goes down as easily as usual, but then wakes crying about an hour later and is very hard to soothe back down.  DH and I each took a turn with her on the rocker and finally he had success.

Ava and I ran errands today- basic Wal-Mart shopping.  I was so annoyed because I couldn't find some tupperware (the kind that all have the same lid size) I'd seen there previously.  Guess I'll go to BB&B later in the week.  I went to Penny's to pick up some clothes I ordered for Ava, but they hadn't arrived on time.  Err, about 4 hrs later, I get a call that the clothes came.  We lunched at Chick Filet and Ava enjoyed the play area- it was the first time I've taken her back there.  I'd like to go again when it isn't so busy.  We came home, she napped while I made some chili in the crock pot and a batch of brownies.  We ran out again to get my hair trimmed and now are home for the night.  Finally got the official word from the compounding pharmacy- the company no longer makes a liquid Macrobid and it is very bitter in taste if the pharmacy makes some itself.  So we're back to the powder.  I am not driving all over town to pick up the prescription, though.  I'll try to get our CVS to transfer the script back or else write a new one myself.  That other pharmacy is way out of my way.

Ava's new winter coat came in the mail.  OMG, DH is going to laugh.  It's totally something a southern person buys for winter- she looks like a giant lime marshmellow.  Can hardly can her arms down at her side and doesn't like the hat or the mittens.  The teachers at daycare will probably die laughing as well plus I think we'll have to take it off to get her in the carseat.  But she won't be cold!

Ava's urologist

Ava's appt with the pediatric urologist went well.  He thought the reflux was worse on the x-ray images than the radiologist did, but was pleased that she'd had no break-though UTIs on antibiotics.  He saw no evidence of kidney damage on the ultrasound, thank goodness.  He did double her dose of antibiotic because it was too low, though, and gave a prescription for the liquid form.  She is to go back in 6 mos for a follow up kidney ultrasound, but not the dreaded catheterization test.  I spent all afternoon trying to get the liquid antibiotic filled.  Finally went to a compounding pharmacy (way out of my way), and they are ordering it.  It had better be the cat's meow after all that!  He did say that any future siblings should be put on antibiotics immediately after birth and then have all the imaging tests at 1 month of age.  We didn't have to wait a ridiculously long time which is saying something at a Children's Hospital.

I am Maggie, 28 years old.  I am an anesthesiology resident at University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I have been there for 1.5 yrs and have another 1.5 yrs until I complete my anesthesiology training.  I enjoy what I do- being in the OR, epidurals, OB care.  I always thought I wanted to specialize in pediatrics and still may pursue a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia, but that would add another year on to my training and involve moving for just a year.  I got my bachelor's in public health from UNC Chapel Hill and also went to medical school there.  I did my internship at a small community hospital in Birmingham called Carraway before heading over to UAB.  I am the oldest of two daughters and from a very close family.   My family lives near Asheville, NC and our goal is to return to that area when I finish training.  My sister is a CPA for PriceWaterhouse Coopers, married and lives outside Spartanburg, SC.

My husband is Ted, 38 years old.  He is a labor and employment attorney.  He also went to undergrad and law school at UNC which is how we met.  He is originally from a small town near Allentown, PA, but joined the army after a few years of college.  He was a pilot in the army for about 10 yrs before resigning.  His last post was in Fayetteville, NC and he took advantage of the GI bill and the great instate NC tuition to finish college at UNC.  He is also a wine sommelier and we met by working at the Alumni Club on campus- he ran their wine program and I was a waitress.  He then stayed for law school and the rest is history.  He is the youngest of two boys, and his family is very difficult.  His relationship with his parents and brother is very rocky, and he only hears from them when he initiates things.  He has grown quite close to my family, especially my father and uncle, and wants to return to NC to be nearby as well.

We have one daughter, Ava Victoria, who is 18 months old.   She is the sweetest creature.  It has been the most rewarding experience and
privilege to watch her develop over these past months.  She is the light of our life.  My parents and sister are completely thrilled with her .  There is nothing better than coming home to play with our Peanut (her nickname because she was so small when she was born).

We have three dogs: Kelsey (the Kelsey Ledare), a 6 yr old Corgi mix, Oliver, an 8 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, and Pearl, a 3 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer.  I was fortunate enough to adopt Kelsey right after I started medical school so she is my original baby.  She is the sweetest, most trainable dog ever; Oliver is feisty and smart, while Pearl is energetic and full of love.

Daycare Plans

So Ava's daycare director called DH today and told him there was an opening in the toddler room if we wanted to move Ava up.  They already asked the parents of the oldest baby in her current creeper room and they declined.  So now the ball is in our court.  There is no pressure to move her from the creeper room.  I guess I am sort of leaning toward moving her b/c she's the second to oldest and all the other babies from her original infant room have moved to the toddler room already.  DH is going to ask his coworker for her feelings about the toddler room tomorrow (her son is in there).  We need to find out where she would go in July.  I'd rather her not skip a room (move up two rooms in July) so maybe this presents the opportunity to transition more gradually.  I think the schedules are basically the same plus she eats at a table with little chairs and gets to use utensils like she does at home.  I think we have 3 or 4 days to decide.  I do sort of feel like she's in a developmental hold in her current room b/c she is one of the most advanced babies there.

Lounging Around

Ended up unexpectantly having today off so I'm at home with Ava, lounging around.  We made breakfast burritos and hung out in our family room together while I downloaded a new spyware protection program.  We worked on some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen.  Not to complain because we've definitely been lucky compared to some, but Ava's diaper leaked all over her bedding last night.  So we got all that washed and changed.  I always struggle getting the crib sheet on over the mattress pad.  Ate some leftover spaghetti casserole for lunch and she's down for her nap.  I'm dragging my feet in putting all our holiday decorations away- it's never been my favorite job plus we got a lot of new stuff this year so it is a real chore.

I'm trying to decide how best to store my good china.  There's just not enough room in my sideboards in the dining room.  Previously, it was all stored in its original boxes in an upstairs guest room closet.  My mother and sister thought it was hard to get to (true) and tiresome to deal with the tissue paper wrapping (true).  So I'm thinking of getting these instead and storing in the closet or maybe under the guest room bed (it has a strong metal frame).  Anyone have experience or suggestions to share??